astrobotany network is a resource site for the emerging field of spaceflight plant biology.  dnestudios is responsible for managing the site and its graphic design user interface.

astrobotany news

dnestudios manages the astrobotany news media outlet.

astrobotany clothing

dnestudios handles all business related to the astrobotany clothing line.


dnestudios is responsible for moderating and building the astrobotany subreddit on

astrobotany on wikipedia

dnestudios regularly updates and maintains the astrobotany wikipedia page.

web development for space industry

dnestudios handles various web development services for space industry microbiome mockup for industry

boofy clothing

dnestudios handles all business related to the boofy clothing line.

flashlapse graphic design

dnestudios handles all graphic design and protocol creation for the FlashLapse plant imaging unit.

NESR prototype

dnestudios handles all coding and user interface design for the NESR prototype.