Dnestudios was founded unofficially in 2013 in Eau Claire, WI and officially in 2017 in Madison, WI. Dnestudios is a multimedia design studio that focuses on building resources for science and science education, specializing in the emerging field of astrobotany.

Company History

In 2013, a high schooler named Kai Rasmussen propositioned an idea to his two friends, Jake and Jaiden: let’s start a business. Jake and Jaiden agreed: creating a business to make some quick, easy cash sounded like a great plan. As they spoke about the graphic design/recording studio/webcomic/rap music label company that they would soon start, they also quickly finished off a bag of beef jerky. At the end of the brainstorming event, there was only one question left: what would the business be called?

Fortunately, a desiccant pack fell out with the funniest picture of all time on it. The picture was accompanied by a prime directive: DO NOT EAT.

The original DNESTUDIOS logo, designed by Jaiden Deutschlander.

It was settled: the company would be called DO NOT EAT STUDIOS, or DNESTUDIOS for short.

An original advertisement for DNESTUDIOS (2013)

The team quickly recruited their fellow high schoolers to take part in the endeavor. After all, business is quick and easy to do.

Original DNESTUDIOS proposed website design page, displaying the original crew.